Ephesoft Solutions

The Ephesoft solution is built with a flexible framework to customize a solution for complex customer automation challenges. It has a browser-based interface for easy and remote access. We at MicroGenesis developed expertise over the years to customize Ephesoft solutions to meet the business requirements of our clients. Being an advanced capture solution provider, we effectively integrate document capture solutions with the existing business applications to provide a comprehensive document management solution.
We have experience and deep understanding to guide our clients with a solution that can improve the classification and indexing of incoming documents. This helps to empower organizations with the agility to convert unstructured data into strategic assets. Hence, as a partner of Ephesoft, we also offer Ephesoft solution bundled with existing products that help to meet the unique requirements.

Solutions offered

Data intelligence and compliance
Document capture, storage, and application
Automatic data extraction
Centralization of documents
Automatic data classification
Custom knowledge base
Comprehensive data insight
Validation: manual verification and correction

Use Ephesoft for

AI Assisted Productivity

Due to its automatic feature of capture, classify, and extract data powered by AI, it can maximize productivity

Seamless integration

Its seamless integration with RPA, BPM, ECM, and similar workflows give the advantage to leverage Ephesoft solutions

Reducing investment costs

It plays a crucial role in reducing investment costs by 50% thus impacting the overall production cost.

Enhancing document processing

It enhances document processing speed along with ensuring accuracy without human intervention

Data privacy

Intelligent process automation ensures data privacy

Improving customer experience

Process automation reducing processing time and increasing efficiency improve customer experience.

Why MicroGenesis?

We at MicroGenesis can guide you to take the business decision to incorporate Ephesoft into your system through gathering data, researching case studies of other companies facing similar challenges, arranging demo and testing of the product, and finally focusing on the ROI.